About me ...

…  to me photography is all about learning. Learning about people, learning about situations and relationships and also about myself.   Therefore I try to interpret a scene more than I try to capture reality itself.  But as I stated: it's all about learning … 


I am not a professional photographer and I am glad about that circumstance. I do not have to earn my living with my passion, with photography. So I am free, at least I feel free in that way that I can shoot what I personally enjoy.  

A picture may be good for me even if nobody  pays for it ;) .  

But if somebody might get an idea or even a feeling while watching some ore my photos, I will be as happy as I can be.    


In case you like the pictures and style on my homepage feel free asking for a project.




Chris Wu





I do not care too much about gear. Essentially I like shooting and therefor use whatever is available at that moment and works: Mobile Phone, Point&Shoot Camera, DSLR,  … just  everything.


BUT ...

I do love my LEICA Gear!  It started with an M8 and later on I got an M9, which actually serves as my main camera.  I do not only love the image quality of these cameras and lenses but I really love the necessity of being conscious while composing and focusing with this kind of gear. Thus, it simply feels good to me  :)